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OPS Global Group LLC prides itself on capitalizing on the efficiencies cutting-edge technology afford and training its team well above industry standards, to enhance its strategic capabilities for all of its clients.  We focus on results, not conjecture, or hype.  Internally, our management team sets the bar high for ourselves and has utmost accountability for performance objectives and standards.  This core component is engrained in our company culture and expected of every person on our team. 

We set the bar high for ourselves and will not settle for anything less than extraordinary for our clients.  OPS Global Group is an industry leader focused on real-world results and invites you to explore what we have to offer.  We are more than just a company, we are a solution regardless of what challenges present themselves.

Advanced Solutions for an Ever Changing World.™

OPS Global Group LLC offers complete business and personal solutions to a wide-range of clients.  From Fortune 500 companies, to everyday consumers, OPS Global Group takes pride in providing the highest level of professionalism, each and every time.  Our services portfolio includes professional private investigation services, high-end executive protection and security services, as well as, unmanned aerial surveillance.  The independence of each of our three divisions gives us the strength to guarantee performance of each stand-alone service at the highest level.  Simultaneously, our management approach emphasizes interdisciplinary expertise and teamwork.  This allows us to share information quickly, efficiently, while maximizing our client experiences. 

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