Advanced Solutions for an Ever Changing World.™

OPS Global Group LLC offers complete business and personal solutions to a wide-range of clients.  From Fortune 500 companies, to everyday consumers, OPS Global Group takes pride in providing the highest level of professionalism, each and every time.  Our services portfolio includes professional private investigation services, high-end executive protection and security services, as well as, unmanned aerial surveillance.  The independence of each of our three divisions gives us the strength to guarantee performance of each stand-alone service at the highest level.  Simultaneously, our management approach emphasizes interdisciplinary expertise and teamwork.  This allows us to share information quickly, efficiently, while maximizing our client experiences.

For example, a client hires OPS Security and Protection Services (“OPS SAP”) to provide executive protection services to a CEO of a company traveling to a public convention.  During OPS SAP.’s security analysis they discover some outlying threats made against the CEO via social media.  OPS SAP. can instantaneously leverage OPS Consulting and Investigative Services (“OPS CIS.”) to research and provide additional up-to-date information on the potential threat, allowing OPS SAP.  When it comes time to execute the protection service for the CEO, OPS Unmanned Aerial Surveillance (“OPS UAS”) can provide real-time aerial surveillance to the OPS SAP team, heading off any potential threats.
Collectively, OPS Global Group has the situational awareness to provide unsurpassed private investigation, security, and unmanned aerial services both domestically and abroad.  OPS Global Group has a proven track record of providing superior results to clients, while maintain the utmost discretion.  We operate covertly to provide the maximum strategic advantage to each and every one of our clients.  To our existing clients, we thank you for placing your trust in us with your sensitive matters.  To our future clients, we look forward to earning that same trust and are confident you will be pleased you allowed us to serve you with unsurpassed professionalism.

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